The Klemperers' New Clothes

Music by Norman Weiss

Book and Lyrics by William Squier

A musical for theatregoers of all ages, loosely adapted from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, our musical tells the tale of Jinny Mutz, an adolescent girl determined to teach the folks in Brantley to appreciate the talents of her widowed father. Her problem?? Willard, her father, a tailor who sews simple, durable clothes, is a bit too honest for his own good (or to make many sales). So, she enlists the aid of her uncle Millard, a wily traveling salesman. Together, they conspire to bring Willard’s frocks to the attention of the town’s arbiter of fashion (and everything else cultural!), Edna Klemperer, the snooty wife of the owner of the local mercantile emporium. Unfortunately, Edna sneers at Willard’s sturdy, unexciting, homespun creations, prompting Millard to turn his scheme into a scam. With Jinny’s help, Millard cons Edna into believing that Willard can make her a new fangled frock: one that is invisible to fools. Edna takes the bait and demands that such a gown be delivered in time for her to wear to the Founder’s Day Promenade—a very public parade through the town. Ultimately, a humbled Edna is finally able to appreciate both Willard and his clothes for what they truly are: straightforward, honest and dependable.


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The following artists are featured in the demo recordings:

Beth Blankenship, Judy Blazer, Rebecca Flanders, David Garrison, D. Michael Heath, James Hindman, Christa Justus, Caroline Kaiser, Kimberly Larkin, Mark Mozingo, Kristie Dale Sanders, Keith Varney


Musicians: Ray Kilday, Elizabeth Nielsen, Susan Perelman, Jake Schwartz, Norman Weiss


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MILLARD E. CALHOOT-A roguish traveling salesman. Age: Mid to late 30s. Vocal range: baritone, lowB-high F#.


WILLARD MUTZ-An underappreciated, widowed tailor. Age: Slightly older than Millard. Vocal range:baritone, low Bb-high F#.


EDNA KLEMPERER-The haughty town matriarch. Age: Middle aged (or slightly older). Very wide,versatile, strong vocal range: low G-high Ab.


CHESTER KLEMPERER-Her hubby, proprietor of the mercantile emporium. Age: Middle aged (orslightly older). Vocal range: baritone/tenor, low C-high G.


HESTER KLEMPERER-His sister, the local postmistress. Age: Slightly younger than Chester. Vocalrange: mezzo, middle C-highE.


JINNY MUTZ-Willard’s devoted (should read) adolescent daughter. Vocal range: low A-high E.


MISS POLLY-the town butcher* Age: Flexible


OLLIE-the town barber*Age: Flexible


THE WIDOW DOLLY LOLLYGAG-a curmudgeonly older lady


*Other TOWNSFOLK: Several men and women (preferably at least 5 of each), many with small parts and solo vocal lines. In addition to these adult TOWNSFOLK, a few children may be added to ensemble numbers where deemed appropriate. (If not using children, consider casting just one girl, Jinny’s age, type and vocal range, as a possible understudy.)

*These characters should sing with the TOWNSFOLK whenever indicated, in addition to their solo sections.