Saint Heaven

Book by Martin Casella, Music and Lyrics by Keith Gordon

SAINT HEAVEN may be performed on a bare unit set, with only a few set pieces and props to suggest where we are. (i.e. - a church pulpit, a doctor's desk, a kitchen table.) The orchestrations are scored for a piano, a bass, a guitar and drums. It has been suggested that a local church choir may be used onstage during the show to act as an observing Greek chorus and the actual singing chorus in the Tabernacle of Joy.


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Pastor Joe Bertram - A black man in his fifties/sixties. Joe is powerfully built and a dazzling preacher. He is also blind. Joe's been a minister in Saint Heaven for a long time. Professionally driven and filled with the spirit of the Lord, he always gets what he wants. [LEAD. Bass. Eb (2 below C) to F.]


Millie Walden- An older black housekeeper. Fifties or sixties. She is gentle and motherly, but with a sharp, wicked wit. Worked for Thom's father and helped raised Thom after his mother died. Millie knows everyone - and their business. [LEAD. Mezzo Sop. Gb (below C) to E.]


Eshie Willington - A young black woman preacher with the "gift" of speaking in tongues. Late teens to early twenties. Eshie is beautiful and innocent, yet has an innate sense of people and who they are inside. She works with Pastor Joe at the Tabernacle of Joy in Saint Heaven. [LEAD. Soprano. G (below mid-C) to Gb.]


Thomas Rivers - A young white doctor originally from Saint Heaven. Early to midthirties. Went to medical school in Detroit and stayed to work in a hospital. Always resented his father's workaholic tendencies. Thom tends to be a bit jaded and bitter, but inside is full of love. [LEAD. Tenor; more rock/pop than Broadway legit. B (2 below C) to A.]


Maggie Hartford - A pretty, friendly waitress. Tom's age. Lived her whole life in Saint Heaven and has never been out of it. She is funny, smart and an eternal optimist. Maggie can take care of herself. [SUPPORTING. Alto. G (below C) to D.]


Garrison Martin - A garrulous garage mechanic. Thom's age. Married early to a woman who had a kid that wasn't his, then left him for another guy, leaving the kid behind. "Greasy" is loyal, rambunctious and all heart. [SUPPORTING. Baritone. Bb (2 below C) to C.]