Little by Little

Music by Brad Rose,

Lyrics by Ellen Greenfield & by Hal Hackady,
Story by Annette Jolles & Ellen Greenfield

LITTLE BY LITTLE is a story told all in song. It is performed with all three actors on stage throughout the show. They step in and out of the action as required, but never leave the stage. An actor who is not involved in a particular scene ,may either observe the action, be present as if in the other characters' minds, or turn his/her back to the action.

There is no literal furniture, scenery, or props. The settings become clear from the actors' words and actions. Playing space should provide fluidity and flexibility.

When the show starts the characters are in the present day. They are young adults, dressed in contemporary clothing. Over the course of the show, they go back in time, then progress from childhood through adolescene and back into adulthood.


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All three characters are in their mid/late 20s to early 30s. They've been best friends since childhood.

WOMAN 1: Charismatic and attractive. The type of woman who, although bright and competent, tends to rely on her sex appeal to get what she wants. She has a tendency to be self-centered and impulsive.

WOMAN 2: While also physically appealing, WOMAN 2 is more confident of her abilities than her appearance. As WOMAN 1's best friend, she sees herself as smart and reliable, not desirable. She's accommodating to a fault.

MAN: The most unsophisticated of the three - trusting, good-natured, not given to introspection. He's cute, charming, loyal, optimistic - a genuinely nice guy who belives that dreams really can come truw.